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OSHA and ANSI Pipe Labeling Info

Hazardous materials flow through miles of piping in many industrial, commercial and institutional facilities. Just like hazardous materials in other situations, piping systems should be appropriately labeled to make people aware of the hazardous materials they carry. The ANSI A13.1-1981 Scheme for Identification of Piping Systems addresses this concern by offering a common labeling method for use in all facilities.
With all of the safety standards out there, it is easy to get confused. Let us help you with your ANSI A13.1-1981 signage, ANSI Z535.1-1991 labeling, liquid mixture pipe signs and steam pipe marking. Whether you need to label Low Stage Suction pipes, flow direction or Low Temperature Recirculated Liquids, we can help determine your pipe marking requirements.
Read More at: http://www.pipelabeling.com/ansi_pipe_labeling.html
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