SafetyPro 9G Combo Kit

Get Both the SafetyPro and 9G

The Combo Kit comes with our popular SafetyPro labeling system AND our SafetyPro 9G sign maker. Get both, for a significant savings! Now you can print labels and large signs instantly.

FacilityWare Site License

With the Combo Kit, you get a site license to use FacilityWare, our custom labeling software. That means you can install it on multiple computers, and print from anywhere on your network!

Handle any Sign and Label Printing application

Sign and Label Printing

For the 9G, You'll Get:

  • SafetyPro 9G Industrial Sign Printer
  • Full FacilityWare Software Package
  • 2 ea 8" x 150' rolls of 3mil indoor/outdoor vinyl
  • 2 ea 8.5" x 11" rolls of die-cut signs, 100/roll
  • 1 ea 8.6 x 984' Chemical Resistant Ribbons
  • Customize for Free! You can customize the vinyl and ribbon colors FREE

Plus, for the SafetyPro:

  • SafetyPro Industrial Labeling System
  • Full FacilityWare Software Package
  • 2 rolls of 4" vinyl, you choose the colors
  • 2 rolls of 2" vinyl, you choose the colors
  • 2 ea 4" x 6" rolls of die-cut signs, 100/roll
  • 1 ea 4" x 984' Black chemical resistant ribbon

Order today and save!

What are you waiting for? The SafetyPro 9G Combo Kit has everything you need to get started with Sign and Label Printing. Order now and save!

Need to customize this kit? You can, at no additional cost! Just call us at 877-762-9280 before or after you order.

Only $4995.00!

Complete Label & Sign Making Kit

The SafetyPro 9G Combo Kit gives you everything you need to make labels and signs from .5" in width all the way up to 9", by virtually any length. Create custom labels and signs on durable indoor/outdoor vinyl. With resin inks that are embedded into the vinyl via a thermal process, you get signs that are designed to last.

Two Printers

This combo kit comes with two label and sign printers: the SafetyPro, and the SafetyPro 9G. Plus, you'll get a site-license for FacilityWare, so you can print from the PC connected to each printer, or from any other PC on your network!

One kit, many uses

There are MANY uses for the SafetyPro 9G Combo Kit This kit is not only designed for Sign and Label Printing Our printer is used for many other applications:

  • Sign and Label Printing
  • Large Sign Printing
  • Label Printing
  • Safety Labels
  • Safety Signs
  • Label Printing

There is no limit to what you can label- it's up to you! Use this kit for your Sign and Label Printing projects, then expand its use to include any other labeling project you have at your facility.


Order your SafetyPro 9G Combo Kit today! Call us toll-free at 877-762-9280 with any questions. We'll help answer them and take your order over the phone!

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