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SafetyPro Self-Laminating Wire-Wraps

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Wire Wraps: Easy Wire Labeling

The BEST solution for cable identification! SafetyPro self-laminating wire wraps are the absolute best solution for wire and cable labeling. Create NFPA 90A rated, custom wire labels with barcodes, images and text, then apply them quickly and easily for a laminated vinyl label that will last for years!

Easy to use. Need a cable labeling solution that is easy to use? Our self-laminating wire wraps are quick, easy, and flexible. Simply print your label with our vinyl labeling system, the SafetyPro, then cut to any size automatically, peel and wrap. You'll have quality, durable wire wraps in minutes.

Automatically print hundreds of labels! If you have your information stored in a spreadsheet or database, you'll be able to quickly print multiple labels automatically. Simply connect to your database and go!

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Cable ID Made Easy

Labeling cables doesn't have to be hard. We offer cable labeling solutions that fit your needs, with wire wraps in a variety of color and size combinations. Our wire wrap solutions are flexible, and can fit any need. Best of all, when you print, cut and apply your own custom wire wraps, you are in control of your labeling.

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Custom Wire Wraps: Print Your Own

Print your own NFPA 90A rated vinyl wire wraps With the SafetyPro labeling system, you can print your own durable, self-laminating vinyl wire wraps. Our thermal printers embed the ink into the vinyl, for a wire wrap that will stand up to anything you can throw at it. You can now make wire and cable identification labels that will be there when you need them!

Order Wire Wraps Online how to apply wire wraps

Application is EASY. The pictures above say it all: wire wraps from SafetyPro are easy! Just create your wire wrap in our easy-to-use software, print and cut to length automatically, peel and wrap. The result is a beautifully laminated, fully protected wire wrap that is easy to use and will last a lifetime if needed.

Contact us today for more information on how you can get your wire marking job done RIGHT the first time with SafetyPro wire wraps; or, call us toll free at 877-762-9280!

With SafetyPro Wire Wraps, you get:

  • NFPA 90A Class A Rated, ideal for plenum and other installations
  • Durable vinyl wire wraps
  • Custom printable with text, barcodes and images
  • Self-laminating for protection against scratching, chemicals and UV
  • A variety of color and size combinations
  • Print and cut automatically to any length
  • Integrate easily with your spreadsheet or database
  • Works with the SafetyPro labeling system, and other similar systems
  • Ideal for every cable and wire identification project

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