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NFPA 90A Class A Rated Labeling

NFPA 90A labeling SafetyPro vinyl labeling tape is NFPA 90A Class A rated. Independently lab tested according to ASTM E-84 standards, SafetyPro vinyl has proven itself to be appropriate for use anywhere that requires an NFPA 90A rating. If you need a standards compliant vinyl labeling stock that you can trust, go with SafetyPro.

Labeling in plenum space

If you need to label wires or pipes inside of plenum spaces, SafetyPro vinyl labeling tape is exactly what you need. When labeling inside of plenums, you should use labeling materials that will provide a strong balance of visual awareness and fire safety. SafetyPro labels are ideal for use in plenum spaces, or anywhere where NFPA 90A ratings are important.

Other Uses

Other labeling applications for the SafetyPro line can be found on the label printer applications page.