What makes a labeler industrial?

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What makes a labeler industrial?

What is "industrial?"

When you hear the term "industrial," what do you think about? Most people think of heavy-duty machines doing hard work, or locations where work gets done. Industrial makes people think of "built to last" or "designed to perform in demanding situations." Industrial means all of this, and more.

What is a "labeler?"

A labeler, or label printer, is a piece of equipment designed to create labels. You can order labels from a catalog, or you could print them on paper or paper stickers; but these are not "industrial" labels. A labeler is a unique piece of hardware that does one thing, and does it well: creating labels.

The SafetyPro: An Industrial Labeler

The SafetyPro is an industrial labeler, designed to print quality labels and signs in seconds. Though they take moments to create, SafetyPro industrial labels will last for years, even in harsh conditions. SafetyPro industrial labels are thermally printed onto vinyl or poly, and are chemical resistant, heat resistant, UV resistant, and scratch resistant. With the right combination of available SafetyPro supplies, you can create industrial labels that will literally last for years.

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