ANSI z535 Labeling

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ANSI z535 Labeling

ANSI z535.1 - Safety Color Codes (previously z53.1)

ANSI z535.1 represents the most current version of the ANSI color standards for labeling. ANSI z535.1 defines colors (and acceptable variances) that should be used for uniform safety labeling. The colors outlined in this ANSI standard for labeling are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, grey, white, and black; the standard itself offers pantone codes for closer color matching.

Why are safety label colors important? Though often taken for granted, colors play an enormous roll in identifying hazards quickly. Red immediately warns of severe danger. Yellow lets a person know that a hazard exists that they should be warned of. Orange conveys the need for caution. ANSI z535.1 helps solidify these ideas into an easy-to-follow standard for safety labeling.

ANSI z535.2 - Environmental and facility safety signs (previously z53.4)

The most recent version of ANSI z535.2 is designed to harmonize with z535.4, z535.5 and z535.6. The standard sets forth five main types of safety signs to be used in most facilities: hazard alerting signs, notice signs, safety instruction signs, safety equipment location signs, and fire equipment location signs. It also gives clear and consistent definitions of safety-related vocabulary.

The benefit of ANSI z535.2 is a clear directive on how to label your facility for ANSI compliance, and ultimately for better safety. Most people walk through a facility without really noticing hazard, fire or notice signs; but when these kinds of signs are needed, in a disaster, they become vital.

ANSI z535.3 - Criteria for safety symbols

When ANSI updated z535.3, they made some important changes. ANSI z535.3 provides guidelines for the proper types of safety symbols to be used in hazard labeling. With the most recent updates, ANSI z535.3 now provides more consistent safety symbols, along with the ability for people to properly create their own safety symbols, based on need. ANSI z535.3 is important because safety symbols on safety labels provide a quick, visual instruction that can be understood at a distance, and can overcome language barriers.

ANSI z535.4 - Product safety signs and labels

When a product is manufactured, it must be labeled in order to adequately warn and protect the end user. ANSI z535.4 provides information and guidelines for proper product labeling. Product safety labels are a key part of safety labeling, and help provide a layer of safety that follows a product wherever it may be in use.

ANSI z535.5 - Temporary hazard labeling (previously z53.2)

Not all safety labels are permanent. Often it is necessary to create labels or other provisions for temporary hazards. These might include labels, signs, barricades and tape for things like spills, re-located equipment or inventory, or other temporary hazardous conditions. These labels need to be up to standard just as much as the permanent ones do! ANSI z535.5 helps create guidelines for making that happen.

ANSI z535.6 - Product safety in manuals

With ANSI z535.4, people began to realize how important safety labeling was for their products. However, labeling the product consistently was not enough. ANSI z535.6 defines proper techniques for labeling hazards within product literature itself. ANSI z535.6 is an excellent tool to make sure your product labeling and manuals are consistent and in compliance.

How can I get all this ANSI labeling done?

We offer solutions for ANSI safety labeling. Please feel free to contact us at 877-762-9280 for information on equipment and supplies that make ANSI standards labeling easier.

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