New arc flash labeling software with Microsoft Excel integration

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New arc flash labeling software with Microsoft Excel integration

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Now you can use Excel to create a list of arc flash labels and print fully formatted arc flash labels in seconds. If you already have your arc flash analysis in an excel file, all you have to do is format your spreadsheet in compliance with the software- no more tedious data entry just to print labels!

And don't forget, Excel opens doors to integration with hundreds of data sources including SQL databases, text DB files and many more. Chances are, if you have arc flash data ready to go, our software will be able to print it to a thick, durable vinyl arc flash label instantly.

You don't need MS Word to print from Excel when you're using software from Industrial Safety Solutions. Our software doesn't require you to do any complicated formatting or pesky mail merging- everything is done for you. Simply format your excel spreadsheet, import and go. You'll never have "Word Template" headaches again!

So whether you're printing 10, 100 or 1000 arc flash labels at a time, make sure you maximize your efficiency by using our ISS FacilityWare Label Manager software. It is free with the purchase of our SafetyPro labeling system. Special versions are also available for people who already have a SafetyPro or DuraLabel printer.

For more information, call us today at 877-762-9280.

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