SafetyPro Field Printing - Turn your SafetyPro into a portable label printer

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With the new SafetyPro battery pack, your SafetyPro label printer can become instantly mobile! Never has portable label printing been easier. You can now use the SafetyPro label printer anywhere you use your laptop. The SafetyPro battery pack is ideal for field printing projects which require on-site label printing.

A Full-Featured Portable Lable Printer

Large labeling jobs may require more than just a hand held portable label printer. With the SafetyPro battery pack, you get the full power of the SafetyPro label printer anywhere you need it. With a print width of up to 4", the SafetyPro easily beats any hand held portable label printer on the market.

Please contact us today for details on ordering the SafetyPro battery pack.
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