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SafetyPro CAN do HVAC Did you know you could do that?

Most people use their labeling machine for a single task, or for just a few types of labels. But the reality is, the SafetyPro label printer can make virtually any label you need, and is always up to the job! We have clients around the world who use their SafetyPro for everything from product labeling to exit signs, OSHA safety labels, HVAC labels, and more. There is no limit!

What do you use your SafetyPro for?

Maximize your investment by putting your SafetyPro to work! You may have purchased the SafetyPro for a specific job, but don't let your labeler sit idle when that job is not active; put it to good use! Use the SafetyPro to solve the labeling problems that you and others in your workplace face, no matter how big or small, and you will not only maximize your investment, but you'll advance your own career in the process by becoming a labeling problem solver.

safetypro for airline labels SafetyPro meets any job specification

Because we sell only the highest-quality vinyl, our labels are rated for any job specification by ANSI, ASME or OSHA standards. Whether you're working indoors, outdoors, in full sun, or with chemicals, a SafetyPro label will always come through. Having one printer that can do it all will save you time, and money. SafetyPro is always up to spec.

You can also count on the right supplies being in-stock and ready to ship whenever you buy SafetyPro. That's because we always maintain an inventory of the supplies that customers use most. Some companies will try to offer every obscure product imagined, but our lean focus means we'll have what you want, when you want it, for all of your important labeling jobs.

did you know you could do that? Just a few more things you can do...
  • HVAC labels
  • Asset tags and labels
  • Employee identification
  • Directional facility signs
  • Vehicle & fleet labeling
  • Glowing exit signs
  • Wire & cable labeling
  • Pipe identification labeling
  • Directional arrows
  • 5s workflow labeling
  • Equipment position labeling
  • Security checkpoint labels
bin labeling
vehicle labeling
safety labeling