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DuraLabel Resources: DuraLabel Labels

If you are looking for "DuraLabel labels" you may be searching for die-cut labels or continuous roll labels. Die-cut labels are pre-cut and often pre-printed to a specific size and specification. The pre-printed portion of a die-cut label may contain multiple colors and is perfect for arc flash or NFPA RTK labels which require colored portions. Die-cut labels are a great way to create the full-color labels you need.

Continous roll DuraLabel labels are more commonly known as DuraLabel vinyl. DuraLabel labels are specifically designed to print in a printer such as the DuraLabel. DuraLabel is also a trademarked brand name, so DuraLabel labels will sometimes refer to DuraLabel brand labels.

Labels for your DuraLabel

Our labels is specially formulated to work the DuraLabel printer. This 100% compatible DuraLabel label stock comes in a variety of sizes, and in over 70 colors. We also carry die-cut labels, RTK labels and Arc Flash labels. They are often used for safety labeling, pipe marking and hazard signage.

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Vinyl Labels for your DuraLabel Printer
Available in over 70 colors
1" Vinyl Labels | 2" Vinyl Labels | 3" Vinyl Labels | 4" Vinyl Labels | Ribbons

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DuraLabel Trademark
  • The DuraLabel name is a registered trademark of Graphic Products inc and is used herein to denote compatibility and for comparison purposes.
  • Industrial Safety Solutions provides supplies which exceed the quality specifications outlined by the original equipment manufacturer.
  • We offer exceptional DuraLabel compatible supplies direct to our customers for less.
  • Learn more about the "orange" printer.