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The proper term for the most common DuraLabel label labeling supply is "DuraLabel Vinyl". DuraLabel vinyl is simply vinyl which has been properly formulated to print in a printer such as the DuraLabel. DuraLabel is also a trademarked brand name, so DuraLabel vinyl will sometimes refer to DuraLabel brand vinyl.

DuraLabel Plastic Tape = DuraLabel Vinyl Tape

Our vinyl labeling tape does have the appearance and feel of plastic. We sell vinyl that is specially formulated to work the DuraLabel printer. This 100% compatible DuraLabel vinyl comes in a variety of sizes and colors to meet any industrial vinyl labeling need.

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Vinyl Labeling Tape for your DuraLabel Printer
Available in over 70 colors
1" Vinyl Labeling Tape | 2" Vinyl Labeling Tape | 3" Vinyl Labeling Tape | 4" Vinyl Labeling Tape | Ribbons

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