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Vinyl Tape and Ink Ribbon Loading

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Question: How do I load the vinyl tape?

To load the vinyl tape, follow these steps:

Make sure the machine is turned off while loading all materials. To open the machine, gently pull the two light green cover lock tabs towards you. Lift the chassis. Place the hood prop on setting 2.

Select a roll of vinyl supply and place the light green plastic roller through it. Place the loaded roller into the machine on the cradle. Place vinyl under the Teflon bar, through the adjustable guides, over the rubber platen and through the cutter. Adjust the green guides so the right-hand guide lip is over the vinyl (this guide contains a sensor that must be positioned over the vinyl).

You may also want to watch the loading videos online:

Watch the new vinyl loading video
Watch the original vinyl loading video

Question: How do I load the ribbon (ink)?

To load the ribbon (ink), follow these steps:

Open the clear ribbon access cover. Install a ribbon onto a plastic ribbon supply spindle. Install an empty paper core on to the other plastic supply spindle to serve as your rewind spindle. The ribbon spindle is loaded on to the rear hub with the flange side in the right hub lock. The rewind spindle is loaded on to the front hub.

When loaded correctly, the ribbon will unwind from the back, down through the machine, under the print head and back up to the rewind spindle. Secure the loose ribbon to the empty core with tape. Make sure the ribbon is free of wrinkles and is smooth. Gently turn the rewind spindle toward back of the machine to tighten.

You may also want to watch the loading videos online:

Watch the new ribbon loading video
Watch the original ribbon loading video

Question: On the ribbon, there is a clear leader before the ribbon starts. What do I do with this?

When loading a new ribbon, you may cut off and discard the clear leader portion, or use it to rewind the ribbon onto the take up spool. Always make sure that the clear portion is fully wound on and that the colored portion is visible and running through the printer. The printer will not operate if the clear portion is under the printhead.

Question: When I load a new roll of vinyl tape, how far do I need to pull it through?

When loading vinyl tape in the SafetyPro, you should make sure it is pulled through so that at least an inch is coming out of the front of the printer. After the first label, the printer will cut and adjust the labels itself for a perfect print every time.

Question: When I load die-cut labels, the first one never comes out right. Why is this?

Die-cut labels have a gap between each label, and the printer has a sensor to read this gap to align your labels perfectly every time. For the first one or two labels, the printer will need to locate the gap. After the first label, the labels will line up properly every time for the rest of the roll.