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    Seiton Setting In Order - Organizational Labeling

    Seiton is about setting things in order. A place for everything, and everything in its place. Labeling helps everyone in a plant know where things belong.

    After sorting, items that are needed should be organized for efficiency and kept in easy to access places. Everything needs a place where it belongs and everything should always be kept in its place when not being used. Labeling for efficiency and order is a very effective tool in this "organizational phase". Labeling each item, as well labeling the item's storage location, helps to clarify what everything is and where everything goes. Items used more frequently should be stored in the most accessible locations, keeping work flow in mind so that items are stored in the most appropriate arrangement for increased efficiency. Simplifying by keeping items close to where they will be used is an example of "straightening the flow path".

    In creating a visual workplace, labeling and signs make items easy to locate, use, return and maintain. Properly identified and labeled equipment, tools, materials and supplies are located more quickly when needed, and their use and maintenance requirements are more easily understood and followed. With visual reminders, tools are more easily returned to the same location after use. Using visual shadow boards help workers quickly recognize when tools are missing from their correct location so they can be replaced promptly to maintain the "flow path".

    Labeling is a great help in the goal for "A place for everything and everything in its place". Other labeling efforts in this organizational phase may include labeling bookshelves for manuals, and floor marking to identify walkways, work areas, product areas, and storage areas. Labeling on cabinets and shelving units, and bin and rack labeling are also useful visual awareness tools to "Set in Order" the workplace for maximum productivity. Clear visual identification helps each employee do their tasks more efficiently.

    Safety hazard labeling should also be organized during this organizational phase. Labeling for trip and fall hazards, overhead clearance problems, sharps hazards, chemical hazards, electrical hazards and PPE requirements will help reduce accidents in the workplace.

    Effective storage and organization creates an environment that supports productivity and resists becoming recluttered. The SafetyPro label printer from Industrial Safety Solutions can help with all your 5s labeling needs. The ISS Standard 5s Visual Factory Kit includes everything you need to kick-start your 5s labeling project.

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