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    Seiso Shine - Reminder Labeling

    Dirty workplaces are unproductive. 5s Seiso, or shine, is an effort to make workplaces clean and effective. Remind workers to keep an area clean through labeling!

    Once clutter is gone the next step is to thoroughly "Shine" each work area and clean all the needed items such as equipment and tools. Dirty workplaces are unproductive. This is the time to clean those dirty corners, repair the leaks, and fix noisy equipment. The goal of the "Shine" phase is to clean it up, and then keep it clean through daily effort.

    5s labeling assists employees in keeping their facility clean on a daily basis. Label the area where cleaning supplies are stored. Make sure enough cleaning supplies are in stock and properly label cleaning equipment and supplies. Labeling with use instructions helps workers to do their tasks correctly. Evaluate if additional tools or cleaning solutions are needed to do the cleaning job adequately. Labeling can be used to manage waste in areas prone to trash build up. Provide sufficient trash bins throughout the facility and label the areas the bins are placed so they can be replaced in the proper locations after emptying.

    There are many ways that 5s labeling can be effectively used to optimize the "cleaning phase". Use labeling to tag problems in work spaces and equipment to identify areas that need attention, repair or additional cleaning. Shadow boards for tools, checklist labels, and other reminder labeling are also effective tools to help increase worker understanding by creating visual awareness of what needs to be done to effectively meet "Shining" goals.

    Benefits of a fresh, thoroughly cleaned workplace will be quickly apparent. Less dirt means cleaner production. A clean workspace increases worker satisfaction. More productive time can be spent on important tasks. When a facility is clean it is easier to inspect for problems so that corrective action can be taken faster. Health and safety problems are also reduced when the workplace environment is clean and properly maintained. Customers view clean facilities as successful. A clean facility is a productive facility.

    There are many benefits to a facility that "shines". SafetyPro can help in your efforts to maintain that shine through effective 5s labeling. Industrial Safety Solutions offers a complete line of equipment and supplies to make your 5s labeling project run as smoothly as possible. Customers choose SafetyPro for its quality, speed, durability and support. You won't find a label printer out there that matches the SafetyPro, and you won't find a company out there that matches ISS on customer service!

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