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    Red Tagging Red Tag Process

    Red tagging helps you get rid of things that aren't helping your business.

    5s programs include a "sorting phase" to separate essential items from waste and non-essential items. Essential items are organized into the workspace in more efficient and effective ways, while every item that is not essential, or interferes with the work flow, is removed from the workspace. "Red-tagging" is an effective visual labeling tool used in the sorting phase. Red tags are placed on items to indicate that they are considered to be non-essential items. Items that are "red-tagged" are subsequently removed from the work area.

    It is important that each item to be "red tagged" is properly identified and labeled before it is moved. After "red-tagging", items are moved to a "red tag" location where they undergo further evaluation. Items deemed waste are discarded. Items that may be used infrequently or rarely are moved to other locations for storage where they are still accessible, but don't take up valuable space or interfere with the work flow.

    Each organization must tailor their 5s program to meet the specific needs of their facility. 5s labeling is no exception, requiring customization and flexibility. The SafetyPro labeling printer from Industrial Safety Solutions is a useful resource for 5s programs. Creating custom "red-tags" with the SafetyPro enables you to produce the 5s labels you want, with all the custom information you need, right on the spot. In addition to "red tags", you can create labels in many other colors to help increase efficiency.

    At Industrial Safety Solutions we pride ourselves on offering some of the best products for your 5s labeling needs. Our labeling systems and supplies are designed for ease-of-use in every aspect, from the software to supply loading. We believe that 5s labeling should fall right in line with 5s mentality - it should be easy and efficient!

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