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    HVAC Design Central Heating

    Central heating, like all HVAC, is filled with pipes and ducts. Those pipes and ducts need to be labeled, for optimum safety and compliance.

    Many facilities are designed to be heated with Central heating. Central heating systems contain a heat pump, furnace, or boiler to heat air, steam or water, in a centralized location.

    The HVAC system contains ductwork, for forced air heating systems, or uses a using a piping system to distribute a heated fluid in a radiant heating system to transfer the heat to the air. Using water as the medium for heat transfer is known as hydronics. In radiant heating systems, a pump is used to circulate the water to wall or baseboard radiators. Some radiant heating systems have pipes buried in the flooring to distribute the heat. Forced air systems send heated air through ductwork. Forced air systems can also be used with filters or air cleaners to improve air quality.

    Cold air drafts can affect thermal comfort; therefore it is important to properly design the heating system. The baseboard radiators or ductwork vents should be located in the coldest part of the room, next to windows to minimize condensation and offset convective air currents.

    HVAC ducting requires labeling. Proper operation and maintenance of HVAC systems requires that units, controls, fans, ductwork, piping, etc, are all easily accessible and properly labeled. To meet ANSI labeling requirements on HVAC ductwork systems in your facility use SafetyPro, your HVAC labeling solution. HVAC labeling is easy and efficient with SafetyPro printers and labels. Create quality, customized labels specific to your facility and situation whenever you need on-demand printing, with SafetyPro safety label printers!

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