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    Duct Work Labeling

    Why label ducts? Because even though you are familiar with them now, you might not be later, and the person who comes in after you do might know nothing at all. Duct labeling is important.

    The HVAC systems in many facilities use a system of ducts throughout to deliver, move, and remove air in the workplace. Made out of galvanized steel , flexible plastic over metal wire coils, or other materials, HVAC ducts deliver supply air, return air, ventilation air and exhaust air.

    ANSI standards require labels on HVAC ducting. Duct labeling aids in differentiating between different air systems. Labels help maintenance workers locate the different systems by using labels to identify intake air, outside air, exhaust air, relief air, supply air and return flows. Duct marker labels are also used to identify the direction of air flow using arrows. When placing labels on long runs of duct work, they should be placed close enough to be easy to see. Labels also need to be placed where ducts enter concealed spaces.

    Labels are an important part of facility maintenance programs. Labels should be inspected regularly as a part of proactive maintenance efforts. To maintain compliance and to improve safety and efficiency, damaged or missing labels should be replaced promptly.

    To meet ANSI labeling requirements on the HVAC duct systems in your facility use SafetyPro, your HVAC labeling solution. The SafetyPro label printer lets you create the custom HVAC labels you need, where and where you want them. Facility maintenance labeling can be costly when you buy catalog labels, but with SafetyPro you can create custom labels for a fraction of the cost. The SafetyPro label printer provides you with the on-demand facility labels you need. Creating custom facility labels has never been easier. Simply select your warning symbols and input your custom label text and print as many as you need. With our included software you can also use pre-defined headers in multiple languages, as well as hundreds of ANSI and OSHA symbols. HVAC labeling is easy and efficient with SafetyPro printers and labels.

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