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    Maintaining Industrial Arc Flash Labeling

    You have already done arc flash labeling, but have you thought about maintaining your arc flash labels when they are damaged or need to be replaced?

    Industrial facilities are filled with many systems containing energized equipment. Employees working on or near energized equipment are at risk of injury or death from occupational hazards such as arc flash dangers and other electrical accidents. In order to reduce injury to workers who may come in contact with energized equipment there are regulations requiring electrical hazard labeling such as arc flash labels.

    Arc flash labels provide many benefits to workers. They provide important safety information such as flash boundaries, as well as outlining the specific personal protective equipment that should be used. It is important for arc flash labels to be properly maintained. Labels should be kept current and in good repair. Labels that are damaged, dirty, deteriorating or missing should be replaced promptly. When labels are up-to-date they provide the proper documentation which will benefit employees with increased safety and will benefit companies with enhanced system reliability, increased productivity, and lower insurance premiums.

    Arc flash label maintenance should be a priority in every facility's proactive maintenance program. Industrial Safety Solutions is committed to being your source for industrial safety labeling equipment and supplies. We now have more arc flash supplies to choose from than ever. Whether you need orange, yellow, red or green stripe arc flash labels, we have them. As you shop around for the best arc flash labels, make sure you request samples. While some companies offer you paper-thin, easily torn arc flash labels, we offer you quality you can see and feel, with 4mil thick, poly-overlaminated vinyl, superior print, and a tapered edge for maximum durability and edge-impact resistance. SafetyPro from Industrial Safety Solutions is the #1 arc flash labeling solution in the industry.

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