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    Energized Equipment And Arc Flash Dangers

    The truth is, a lot of work is done on live, energized equipment. Learn the dangers of arc flash when working on hot circuits.

    It is a common misconception that most electrical work is preformed on de-energized equipment. Even though the best way to prevent arc flash injuries is to avoid working on energized equipment, work is often done on live electrical systems. Live voltage is required for an arc flash to occur. Arc flash is the resulting discharge of energy caused by an arcing fault. An arcing fault is the unintended flow of current through a medium not intended to carry the current. This means electricity is flowing through something unintended such as the air.

    The resulting arc flash is a violent event that can destroy equipment, cause fire, and injure or kill the worker and other people who may be nearby. In a blinding flash, energy is released in the form of intense heat and extreme pressure. Permanent eye damage can result from the blinding flash. The temperature resulting from an arc flash can reach as high as 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit causing severe burns from the heat and molten metal shrapnel. The extreme pressure wave can cause concussions, collapse lungs, damage hearing, and is capable of throwing workers with great force.

    Arc flash accidents can have devastating results so it should always be assumed that electric circuits are energized. Confirming electrical equipment has been properly de-energized before starting work is a vital safety practice. It is possible for an arc flash to occur during the de-energizing process; therefore, de-energizing electrical equipment can be an extremely hazardous task.

    Arc flash analysis, arc flash labeling, safety plan maintenance, proper training in safe procedures, and providing appropriate PPE (personal protection equipment) for workers, are all important factors in creating a safer work environment and preventing accidents due to arc flash. Lockout tags and arc flash labeling are some of the important components of arc flash safety. There is increased awareness of the dangers of arc flash so arc flash hazard programs are becoming more recognized as a vital part of facility safety standards and procedures.

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