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    Arc Flash Hazards And Workplace Safety

    If you are an employer, it is your job to keep your employees safe. It is your legal responsibility, and one you should take seriously.

    The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 states it is the responsibility of employers to keep the workplace safe and healthful for their employees. The U.S Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) works to ensure safe conditions are provided for employees by setting and enforcing standards, and by providing education, training, and assistance.

    Employers who expose their workers to arc flash hazards can be held responsible for not keeping their workers safe. OSHA can issue citations when physical harm is likely to result from arc flash hazards that the employee should have known about. OSHA can also issue fines in huge amounts if someone has been injured or died from arc flash dangers in your facility. Repeatedly failing to comply with OSHA could lead to arrest and jail time.

    Electrical accidents are a major cause of death among industrial workers. Even though between five and ten arc flash explosions are estimated to occur daily, arc flash hazards are not always properly identified in many facilities. In a safe workplace, electrical equipment will be de-energized before work is performed, and workers will always be provided with accurate information, appropriate training, and effective protective equipment to protect workers from arc flash hazards.

    Arc flash hazard identification is an important component of every facility safety program and arc flash labeling is an essential part of every arc flash safety project. Arc flash identification and proper training in arc flash and arc blast procedures and effective personal protection need to be included your facility safety program. Compliance with OSHA standards through proper labeling will contribute to a safer workplace.

    SafetyPro arc flash printers and labeling equipment from Industrial Safety Solutions can help reduce occupational hazards by increasing worker awareness through appropriate arc flash labeling. When the workplace is properly labeled according to government standards, workers are better informed of hazards and can prepare and act accordingly.

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