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    Workers Are Affected By Arc Flash Hazards

    Arc flash is a very real hazard, and workers everywhere are affected by the risks of arc flash. Protect them through proper labeling.

    Arc flash hazards can exist in any electrical device where energy is high enough to sustain an arc. Arc flash accidents can have catastrophic results with the potential to cause serious injury or even death. Arc flash is a serious occupational hazard for those who work anywhere near energized equipment.

    HVAC technicians, electricians, engineers, equipment operators, mechanics, maintenance workers, and supervisors are just a few of the workers who are likely to be exposed to arc flash hazards as they perform their daily tasks. Some of the work they do that may put them at risk from the dangers of arc flash may include: removing panel covers, performing voltage diagnostics, installing and maintaining electrical equipment, performing system startup and shutdown, supervising maintenance operations, working on panel boards, generators, control circuits or transformers, and many other jobs.

    Due to human error, confusion, inaccurate labeling, faulting wiring, or poor training, circuits may have remained energized after they were thought to have been shut down putting workers at risk from the dangers of arc flash anywhere energized parts are exposed. For the safety of workers who are affected by arc flash hazards, it is vitally important to address the dangers of arc flash hazards as a part of every facility safety program. Accidents related to occupational hazards from arc flash are reduced when education, safe work practices, effective personal protective equipment and the proper labeling, are all part of facility safety programs.

    SafetyPro arc flash printers and labeling equipment from Industrial Safety Solutions can help reduce occupational hazards by increasing worker awareness through appropriate safety labeling. Labeling your facility can help prevent accidents related to arc flash, as well as other electrical accidents. When the workplace is properly labeled according to government standards, workers who are affected by arc flash hazards will be better informed helping them prepare appropriately and act accordingly. SafetyPro is the #1 leading arc flash vinyl label printer in the industry, offering the most durable arc flash labels and supplies at the most affordable prices.

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