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    High Visibility Arc Flash Labeling and Arc Blast Hazards

    In arc flash terms, an 'arc blast' is an extremely violent event associated with electrical arc flash hazards...

    In arc flash terms, an 'arc blast' is an extremely violent event associated with electrical arc flash hazards. An arc blast can cause devastating injuries and can be fatal even to workers standing ten feet away from an arc flash.

    Electrical arcing is the result of a short circuit passing thru air or a medium between two live conductors, or between a live conductor and the ground. This arc releases an incredible amount of energy that can generate intense heat, blinding light, and an explosion called an 'arc blast'. The extreme heat created by the arc flash causes rapid heating of the surrounding air and surfaces, resulting in an explosive expansion or 'blast', that instantly vaporizes metal and sprays the molten metal shrapnel outward at incredible speed. This explosion also sends a powerful pressure wave outward that can collapse lungs, cause concussions, and throw nearby individuals off their feet. The accompanying sound blast can lead to permanent hearing loss.

    The damage and injuries resulting from exposure to an 'arc blast' can be catastrophic, and can lead to fatalities in the workplace. As many as 5-10 arc blast explosions occur daily in the US, resulting in 1-2 deaths each day. Safe work practices, proper education and training, appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) , and the use of highly visible arc flash labels help to prevent accidents, injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

    High visibility safety labeling to identify arc flash and arc blast hazards helps to communicate critically important safety information, and is a key component of a safe workplace. When safety is important, you want the best. And when you want the best high visibility safety labeling supplies, at exceptional prices, you want Industrial Safety Solutions! SafetyPro industrial printers and supplies from ISS have the superior quality, speed and durability you are looking for. Customers around the world choose Industrial Safety Solutions for superior quality at unbeatable prices so call today for great deals!

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