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    If OSHA decides to conduct an inspection, how much notice will I have?

    QUESTION: If OSHA decides to conduct an inspection, how much notice will I have?

    ANSWER: Not much, if any. OSHA usually conducts their worksite inspections without any advance notice. There are some circumstances where advance notice is provided, but even then, there is typically less than 24 hours notice.

    Some of the situations in which OSHA will provide advance notice are when:

    • There is imminent danger that requires immediate correction.
    • The employer has notified OSHA of a fatality or catastrophe which OSHA is investigating.
    • The inspection requires special preparation, or will be taking place after normal business hours.
    • OSHA want to ensure the employer and employee representative will be present for the inspection.

    The goal of the OSHA inspection is to ensure facilities are in compliance with OSHA requirements and standards, and to help employers and employees in the reduction of occupational hazards and the prevention of workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities.

    Properly maintaining OSHA compliance should be a top priority for every facility. Not only it is important to always be prepared for a surprise inspection, OSHA compliance is part of the foundation of a safe workplace. Compliance helps to reduce accidents and injuries, increases productivity, and is cost effective.

    Safety signs and labels are an important part of every safe workplace Hazard Communication Program. With the SafetyPro label printer from Industrial Safety Solutions, it is easy and quick to print custom compliance labels to meet the specific needs of your facility for only a fraction of the cost of catalog labels.

    Best of all, FacilityWare Label Manager, the complete software labeling package, ships with every SafetyPro printer from Industrial Safety Solutions. FacilityWare is packed with over 2500 labeling images and 4500 blank and pre-made and pre-formatted templates for creating the exact OSHA, ANSI, and other safety labels you need! For cost-efficient SafetyPro Labeling printers and supplies from Industrial Safety Solutions call 1-877-762-9280 today! OSHA compliance labeling has never been easier!

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