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    What types of citations can result from an OSHA inspection?

    QUESTION: What types of citations can result from an OSHA inspection?

    ANSWER: OSHA inspections can lead to citations for a variety of violations that may be found in the workplace. A "Serious Violation" is considered one where there is a substantial probability that death, or serious physical harm could result. An "Other-than-Serious Violation" is one where death or serious physical harm would probably not be caused even though there is a direct relationship with workplace safety and health.

    The "Willful Violation" is one in which the employer is intentionally and knowingly committing a violation because they are aware the hazardous situation exists, and they know it violates OSHA standards, yet they make no reasonable effort to correct the hazard. A "Repeated Violation" is one where OSHA discovers an additional violation that is substantially similar to a previously cited violation. An employer may be cited for a "Failure to Abate Violation" when they fail to correct a violation they were required to have corrected by a specific date.

    OSHA may also issue citations and penalties for failing to follow posting requirements, for falsifying reports, records, or applications, or for assaulting, resisting, opposing, intimidating or interfering with OSHA Compliance Officers in the performance of their duties.

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