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    Portland, OR - Industrial Safety Solutions, a front-runner in electrical hazard identification, announced today that it would be forming a strategic alliance with SKM Systems Analysis, Inc., a leader in arc flash analysis software. This alliance is expected to increase the availability of life-saving arc flash products and services to the government and private-sectors.

    Arc flash incidents are quickly becoming one of the most preventable deadly electrical hazards in the electrical industry. The phenomenon occurs when arcing faults in a system cause electricity to travel outside its normal path. An arc flash may be accompanied by a blast of extreme pressure, as well as temperatures in excess of 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit; over four times the temperature of the surface of the sun.

    Though arc flash is a leading cause of death in the electrical industry, it is highly preventable. Joe Lyman, Business Development Manager at Industrial Safety Solutions, notes that "a large number of these [arc flash] incidents could be avoided if people would simply obey federal law and OSHA regulations … our products help increase awareness of regulation, law and general safety practices that can save an employees life."

    The products that Industrial Safety Solutions carries for arc flash hazard identification include the SafetyPro™ Industrial Labeling System, as well as pre-formatted arc flash warning labels. SKM Systems Analysis, Inc. provides arc flash analysis software, which can help a trained engineer determine where arc flash incidents may occur, and how they may be avoided.

    Together, Industrial Safety Solutions and SKM Systems Analysis, Inc. feel they can offer a complete solution to the arc flash hazard problem. Johnny Ma, Sales Manager of SKM Systems Analysis, Inc. points out that "arc flash hazards are complex. Our SKM Power*Tools™ software suite and our ArcCalc™ arc flash calculator gives engineers the tools they need to effectively solve arc flash problems. We are pleased that our tools work in conjunction with the products offered by Industrial Safety Solutions, and we are pleased to form this relationship with them."

    More information about arc flash hazard identification and SKM software is available on the Industrial Safety Solutions website at or by calling them toll free at 1-877-762-9280.

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