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SafetyProE Network Ethernet Printer

SafetyProE: Networked, Stand-Alone Labeler

The SafetyProE network ethernet labeler makes label printing in a shared environment easy! Simply setup and connect the SafetyProE to your ethernet network and install the drivers and software on as many host PC's as you wish. With exceptional print resolution, full-resin thermal transfer processing and durable vinyl labeling tape, the SafetyPro delivers quality labels from any PC on your network.

Save time AND money by sharing the SafetyProE between workstations. Stand-alone, the SafetyProE doesn't require a host PC. It connects direct to your wired network for instant, hassle-free sharing.

SafetyProE network ethernet label printer

Get real savings on your labeling tape

Don't get stuck with proprietary safety labeling equipment and supplies! SafetyPro supplies are fully compatible with a variety of vinyl label printers, and are chemically identical to supplies that cost almost twice as much from other suppliers. You get more vinyl for your budget dollar; we're serious about saving you money!

SafetyProE connecte via ethernet

Why choose SafetyProE?

People choose SafetyProE for its quality, speed, durability and support. You won't find an industrial label printer out there that matches the SafetyProE, and you won't find a company out there that matches ISS on customer service!

People also choose SafetyProE for its ease-of-use! Don't buy a printer that looks good, but has lousy software and support! With SafetyProE, you get a site license to a full labeling suite, FacilityWare, complete with over 2500 safety and labeling icons, plus over 4500 blank and pre-made sign templates.

Call 877-762-9280 today and we'll answer all of your questions about the SafetyProE network label printer, or about your labeling project requirements. Ask us how you can save more with package and volume discounts too!

Printer, plus site-license software: Click to Order Online
* Available only with ribbon and tape orders, please make sure to add the proper supplies to your order.

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With SafetyProE, you get:

  • Network-connected printing, with no host PC required
  • Programmable ethernet port, with DHCP or Static IP
  • Print from multiple PC's
  • Includes site-license for FacilityWare
  • Up to 7"/sec print speed (user selectable)
  • Rapid processing for faster starting print jobs
  • Image Library: Nearly 2500 OSHA and ANSI safety icons
  • Template Library: Almost 4500 blank and pre-made templates
  • An industry favorite for arc flash and 5s labeling!
  • Interface: USB, Parallel, RS232 and Optional Ethernet
  • Barcodes: Drag-and-Drop barcodes, nothing is easier
  • Economical, UV, scratch and chemical resistant labeling materials
  • Versatile: 1", 2", 3" and 4" rolls, all 150' long
  • Unique: Print up to 150' continous labels, the longest in the industry
  • Edge-to-Edge: Easy and quickly print huge letters in any font, perfect for pipe labels
  • Built-in automatic cutter

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