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5S Labeling

Implementation of the 5S methodologies requires effective visual cues. Visual cues include signs and labels that are easy to read, easy to see, and contain the necessary information. 5s labeling is a natural extension of any 5s effort. Many companies purchase pre-made signs, not realizing the cost savings and efficiency benefits that come with printing custom signs and labels in-house. Our SafetyPro sign printer is ideal for 5S labeling and 5S tagging.

Customized Labels and Tags for Effective 5S

The SafetyPro printer can create customized 5S labels or tags on the fly. This means you don't have to order from a catalog and then wait for your labels or tags to be sent to you. You can create exactly the label that you need, when you need it. Then you simply peel-and-stick the 5S label for instant workplace or work-flow optimization.

5S Labeling Packages

Save more with our 5S labeling packages, which include our SafetyPro vinyl label printer, plus the software, supplies, and support you need to get started:

5s labeling standard kit

The standard 5s labeling kit comes with everything you need to get started. You can customize your 5s labeling kit to have exactly and only the labeling materials that you need, supporting lean principles and JIT label production.
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5s labeling deluxe kit

With the deluxe 5s labeling kit you can keep a more extensive stock of 5s labeling materials in-house, perfect for environments where high-demand requires larger inventories. If you have a 5s labeling need that extends beyond your initial 5s labeling deluxe kit, we manage your JIT orders with our extensive, on-site inventory and overnight delivery.
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Additional Labeling Applications

Additional applications for the SafetyPro can be found on the label printer applications page.