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How expensive are the penalties for an OSHA violation?

QUESTION: How expensive are the penalties for an OSHA violation?

ANSWER: Penalties for OSHA violations can be very costly. Failing to follow OSHA's workplace posting requirements could result in a "Posting Violation" with a penalty of $7000 per violation. "Serious Violation" penalties may also cost up to $7000 for each offense. "Failure to Abate Violations" may result in a $7000 per day penalty for each day the violation continues beyond the date the correction was to have been made.

For each "Willful Violation" or "Repeat Violation", the penalty may be as high as $70,000 for each violation. If an employer is convicted in a criminal proceeding for committing a "Willfull Violation" that resulted in a death, the penalties may cost as much as $250,000, or as high as $500,000 for a corporation, in addition to the possibility of a prison term for up to six months, or even double if there is more than one conviction.

If an employer falsifies records, they made be subject to a prison term of six months and/or a criminal fine of $10,000. Assaulting, resisting, or interfering with an OSHA Compliance Officer in the performance of their duty is a criminal offense, subjecting the offender to a prison term of up to three years, and a possible fine of $5000.

The best way to avoid paying costly penalties or fines is by staying compliant with OSHA regulations and standards. Staying compliant saves money! In addition to avoiding the cost of expensive penalties, compliance saves money by reducing expenses associated with accidents and injuries, lowering insurance costs, and increasing productivity. Proper safety labeling and signage is an important part of OSHA compliance and an important part of every facility's Health and Safety Management Program.

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