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What is hazard abatement?

QUESTION: What is hazard abatement?

ANSWER: During an OSHA inspection, the Compliance Officers may observe a hazardous condition or a violation of OSHA safety standards, resulting in an OSHA citation. When the employer receives an OSHA citation, they must correct the hazard that was cited by the date specified in the citation, also known as the 'abatement date'. The 'abatement date' is the specified date by which the employer is to have corrected or removed ("abated") the cited hazard.

Unless the employer is contesting the citation or the 'abatement date' by which to correct the hazard, they are expected to make a good faith effort to 'abate' the hazard in the time period allowed. The 'hazard abatement' efforts may include showing that steps have been taken towards compliance and towards safeguarding employees from dangers associated with the cited hazard.

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