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Brady MiniMark Ribbon Brady MiniMark Ribbons

Ribbons for the MiniMark printer are shorter and more expensive than ribbons for the SafetyPro label printer. This means you'll not only spend more money, but you'll have to change supplies more often, wasting time and money.

Ribbons for the SafetyPro label printer are nearly 1000' long; 3 times the length of the MiniMark ribbons. With SafetyPro ribbons, you only have to put in a new ribbon after printing 6 rolls of vinyl labeling tape, versus the 2 rolls of vinyl tape that the MiniMark can print on a single ribbon.

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Brady MiniMark Ribbons SafetyPro Ribbons
  • Ribbon Length: 290'
  • Minimum Order: 2 rolls
  • Material: Not specified
  • Price Per Foot: $0.17
  • Refill Needed Every 2.6 rolls of vinyl
  • Ribbon Length: 984'
  • Minimum Order: 1 roll
  • Material: UV/Chemical resistant full-resin
  • Price Per Foot: $0.13
  • Refill Needed Every 6.6 rolls of vinyl