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Edge-to-edge labeling is easier than ever!

When we built FacilityWare, we decided to take one of the most requested features and make it dead simple. You can now do edge-to-edge fonts, graphics and images with total ease. No more fiddling to get it "just right." With FacilityWare, edge-to-edge works perfectly every time.

Expand any font as large as you want

ANSI or OSHA standard labels require a clear and simple font. FacilityWare works with the dozens of fonts you already have on your computer; and you can expand those to include thousands if you wish! The edge-to-edge features of FacilityWare are not limited; you can use any font, and stretch it to any size. You are in control!

Pipe labeling has never been easier

When you create a pipe label, the font has to bee a certain height to match the pipe diameter and material. With FacilityWare, you are in complete control, which means that if you need a 3" high letter on a 3" tape, you can do it, and you can do it quickly and easily. FacilityWare lets you create pipe labels in seconds.