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Stretch text to any size

When you're creating a label, you don't know how big you need the text up-front. Instead of fiddling with font sizes, FacilityWare lets you simply "stretch" your text to fit! Type in what you want and choose the style, then stretch it to the size you need! FacilityWare figures out the rest for you, so you can get your labeling job done.

Stretch multiple lines of text

The Stretchable Text tool from the FacilityWare ToolBox is not just for a single line of text... you can create multiple lines and stretch them to fit! Just type in the text as you would like to see it on your label, choose the font you like, and then place it on your label. Stretch it to fit, the resize it any time until your label is just right.

Drop the text boxes - this text goes anywhere

FacilityWare is made for labeling. That means it works with you, not against you. Have you been creating labels in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice? Drop the text boxes! FacilityWare lets you put any labeling object anywhere you want, without the mumbo-jumbo of text boxes or any of the other tricks you had to use to make your Word Processor work for labeling.