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More of the labeling images you use and need

FacilityWare has the most extensive collection of labeling images anywhere. Choose from the nearly 2500 images to find just the right icon or pictogram. Sign headers, warning symbols, PPE, and so much more, are just a click away in the FacilityWare ToolBox!

FacilityWare is organized and easy to use

How quickly can you find the labeling icon you need? The FacilityWare image library is organized into categories, instantly available from the ToolBox in seconds. You'll get the same list, every time, without having to search around. You can retrieve any image in seconds!

Use custom images as easily as built-in ones

Do you have a custom image you want to include in your label? Simply browse to it! No need to import; FacilityWare can open almost any image in seconds. Now you can use company logos, product brands, or existing label images without any extra work. Locate your image and insert- it's that easy!