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DuraLabel Repair Services

If you're having trouble with your DuraLabel, DuraLabel Pro or DuraLabel Pro 300, we can help. Our friendly staff is familiar with all of the many problems you might encounter while using a DuraLabel printer, and we can usually help you determine the best course of action when it comes time to service your machine. We are experts in DuraLabel printer repair.

We can help with the following DuraLabel problems, and more:

Repairing DuraLabel Printers Since 2001

Our trained technicians have been repairing DuraLabel printers since their inception in 2001. We have seen numerous broken DuraLabel printers with everything from jammed cutters to worn-out print heads. When you send your DuraLabel to Industrial Safety Solutions for service, we will quickly diagnose and repair the problem. If your DuraLabel cannot be repaired, our staff can suggest a suitable replacement and may offer trade in value, regardless of your DuraLabel's condition.