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DuraLabel Resources: DuraLabel Pro Supply Locking

locking mechansim DuraLabel Pro Our engineers have completely analyzed the DuraLabel Pro and DuraLabel Pro 300 label printers, and have concluded that the only difference between the DuraLabel Pro and the SafetyPro (besides the color) is a supply locking mechanism which the makers of the DuraLabel Pro and DuraLabel Pro 300 have managed to slip into their system. We can solve the issue with an upgrade! Call 877-762-9280 today!

DuraLabel Pro Locking: Why Lock the Printer?

The makers of the DuraLabel Pro and DuraLabel Pro 300 went to the trouble of including this rigged locking device so that customers would be forced to purchase their supplies through them. There is no other benefit to the device, and no other real purpose for the device. In fact, the locking device adds cost to the printer, which is evidenced in the high list price of the DuraLabel Pro and DuraLabel Pro 300 when compared with the SafetyPro.

DuraLabel Pro Locking: How does it work?

The locking mechanism is a two-part system. If you take any empty vinyl roll from your DuraLabel Pro stock, you'll notice that the company who sold it to you placed a sticker with their phone number on the roll core. This sticker is meant to hide the radio-tag underneath, which contains a microchip which is activated by radio frequency, telling the printer that it is OK to print. Inside the printer they have added a radio frequency emitter and reader which can read the tag and lock the printer if it is not found.

DuraLabel Pro Locking: How can I tell if I've been "locked out"?

A tell-tale sign is random printing errors resulting in an orange flashing light. Upgrade your printer and avoid the hassle, just give us a call at 1-877-762-9280 for more information.

We have solutions for DuraLabel Pro owners!

Did you know that SafetyPro offers unique solutions for DuraLabel Pro owners? You have choices, and we can help you determine which one is best for you! Call 877-762-9280 today to find out how to start saving more on your Duralabel Pro supplies.

DuraLabel Pro supplies work in the SafetyPro!

Do you want to trade out your locked DuraLabel Pro or DuraLabel Pro 300 machine, but have a stockpile of supplies you don't want to waste? No worries, DuraLabel Pro supplies work with SafetyPro printers! The SafetyPro hasn't locked you out from using your existing supplies; just load them up and go, guaranteed!

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