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Brady MiniMark Label Printer Brady MiniMark Label Printer

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The MiniMark is an entry-level label printer developed by Brady. It is often chosen as an alternative to larger label printers from Brady, such as the GlobalMark. Lightweight and simple, the MiniMark provides a basic model for Brady customers who are looking for a simple label printer at a lower cost.

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Brady MiniMark Features:

  • Weights under 5lbs, desktop class printer
  • Built-in automatic cutter
  • Status LED
  • USB/Parallel support
  • Direct and thermal transfer support
  • RoHS compliant

The Brady MiniMark uses the Brady Markware* software. This is a powerful tool for creating industrial labels. The Markware software includes over 1,000 symbols, pictograms and templates. Using your PC, the Markware software and the Brady MiniMark printer, you can create safety warnings, instructional labels, identification and informational labels quickly and effectively.

Brady MiniMark Specs:
  • Resolution: 203dpi
  • Speed: 3 inches per sec
  • Print Technology: Thermal Transfer
  • Printed Letter Size: 0.08" to 3.8"
  • Max Label Width: 4"
  • Min Label Length: 1"
  • Max Print Length: 39"
  • Supply Length: 110'
  • Bar Code Type: Linear (1D)
  • PC Connectivity: USB/Parallel
  • Stand Alone: No
  • Portability: Not Portable
  • Memory: 2MB

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