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Identical Supplies for Your DuraLabel Printer

There are dozens of websites on the internet with product and ordering information for the DuraLabel, DuraLabel Pro, and DuraLabel Toro. What these websites don't tell you is that you can get identical supplies for a fraction of the cost from ISS. Our premium vinyl labeling supplies work exceptionally well with DuraLabel printers, and are identical in quality and formulation with supplies you will find on any DuraLabel site. In most cases, they are manufactured in the same facility! When you purchase DuraLabel compatible supplies from Industrial Safety Solutions, you are getting just what you would get from any DuraLabel supplier.

Honest to Goodness Pricing

Go with the supplier who has the best price, and who is willing to show you that price right on the front page of their website. Our supply pricing is easy to find, in PDF or HTML form on our front page. Other suppliers make you login or call a sales rep to get pricing; why hassle with a company that hopes you won't shop around?

Real Savings, Real Discounts

Many websites will tell you that they are saving you "50% on your labeling costs." Ask them to prove it when compared with pricing from ISS! The minute you mention our exceptional value, they'll be scrambling to even meet our price, let alone beat it by 50%. When you contact Industrial Safety Solutions, we will offer you real savings on identical DuraLabel compatible supplies. Check out our prices, then check out the prices on any DuraLabel website. You will see that we offer a real 30-50% savings.

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Vinyl Labeling Tape for your DuraLabel Printer
More colors and sizes available for your DuraLabel

$69.95 / 150' Roll!

1" Tape for DuraLabel
$89.95 / 150' Roll!

2" Tape for DuraLabel
$109.95 / 150' Roll!

3" Tape for DuraLabel
$129.95 / 150' Roll!

4" Tape for DuraLabel
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